In private with Fatima Mohammed

Fatima Mohammed is a contemporary Qatari artist I met in Doha, a few months ago.

At that time, I was working for a French media and was in charge of weekly chronicles about cultural & artistic news in Doha.

I met her during a meeting organized to showcase the artists in residence at the DOHA FIRE STATION, the main art center in Qatar.

Graduated from Virginia Commonwealth University, Qatar, Fatima creates printmakings & installations.

Fatima 1

The first time I interviewed her, I focused on the masterpieces she decided to exhib on the occasion of this meeting called Artists in Residence, that’s why this time I chose to question her from a broarder perspective.

When did you start your artistic career ? Did something trigger you to dedicate yourself to art ?

I started when I was a child, it was always part of me, by doodling on side of my notebook or sketching and creating different characters.

Do you think that you are taking part in a construction of Qatari identity ? Do you intend to do that or is the aim of your work totally different ?

The aim of my work is to portray the multiculturalism that I see around me, as a Qatari living in Doha, a city that brings people from many different countries. My work shows the blend of East and West together in a creative sphere.

What does your family think about your job ?

My parents are proud of the career that I have chosen and have encouraged me to follow my dreams and do my best.

Fatima 2

If you want to know more about Fatima’s work, you can check her website:

This article is also availabe in French on the link below:

En tête à tête avec Fatima Mohammed

Cet article est aussi disponible en français:

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