My first Hermès scarf 90

The purchase of the first Hermès scarf 90, I think it’s usually about a girl who had carefully planned the whole business from A to Z in her head, but who ends up buying everything except what she had decided before.

What we always forget when we hang out on the “Women scarves & silk accessories” tab of the house of the famous saddler from the beginning of the 19th century, is that a Hermès scarf is a bit like jeans: you always have to try it before or you may have bad surprises.

I had personally set my mind on the red/coral/pink Mountain Zebra, as I thought these colors would match my complexion. Total failure because, once arrived in the shop, the combination of colors made me look like a bag of walnuts.

And against all odds, the orange/sun/pink that I had radically excluded from my purchase options made me look good 🤷‍♀️.

Anyway. Then, the shop assistant made me try a more sober version, in green tones (I looove green 🤩) and easy to match.

Coup de coeur. The combination of colors made me look like a rose bud and perfectly matched my special airport outfit. So of course, I fell for it and I’m already thinking about the next little silk scarf that I’m about to treat myself with.

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