The secret of Kinder Bueno

I’ve discovered the mystery of Kinder Bueno’s hazelnut cream.

You know, this cream you find inside the wafer and that is the only thing worth in it (we agree that the wafer has absolutely no interest 🤷‍♀️).

I found it in Istanbul, at Kahve Dünyasι.

One night, after we ate a fruit-chocolate fondue with some friends, the gentleman who cashed us found it usefull to make us discover their Fιndιk Kremasι (=cream of hazelnuts), in case the chocolate fondue alone sadly wouldn’t be enough to give us diabetes.

He drew out plastic spoons for all of us, dipped them into the pot to bring them out, turned into mini cotton candies, and then made us taste the cellulite elixir.

Bingo: the girl who always dissects her Kinder as a child (=me) to keep the cream (=the best) for the end was fullfilled. Indeed, the calorie attack has exactly the same taste as the cream of the Kinder Bueno, except that you can eat this one with a spoon.

Actually, you can also try to spread it on cakes but well…

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