The Agenda by Ben Vautier

Who says end of summer says September, who says September says go back to work and who says go back to work says…

The purchase of the new agenda !!

About eight years ago, or so, every year, I fall for my Ben Vautier agenda.

“Who is Ben Vautier?” they’ll tell me.

Ben Vautier is a French-Swiss artist born in Italy in 1935, mainly known for his small statements of life written with his hand, mostly in white on a black background.

If memory serves, I believe I discovered Ben in 2008 at the Musée d’Art Contemporain of Lyon. I remember then, having come across what must have been – again according to my distant memories – his work Bizart Bazart, a kind of house covered with formulations of a childish handwriting sometimes humorous, sometimes incisive.

Then, I had enjoyed spending long minutes reading these little sentences in the company of friends with whom I discovered contemporary art.

I also remember that a retrospective of his work was subsequently organized from March to July 2010 at the same museum.

Globe-trotter from the first years of his life, Ben is a great polyglot and his works are available in several languages.

Since, I’ve become addicted to the derivatives of Ben’s work, I’d say that the agenda has become for me a real must of back to school time, as it brightens my weeks to the rhythm of these little optimistic messages.

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